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Thank you for wanting to support my work here on Dirtbag Hiker, it means a lot to me. Through your support and the support of others like you, I can continue to hike, write, and create content you hopefully find useful. There are many ways you can help support this site.

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As a backpacking writer and photographer, I have written and am always writing about the topic of backpacking. The following eBooks are currently available or will become available shortly.

Dirtbag Hiker’s Guide to Backpacking (available November 2018)


Hiking My Way to Health (available February 2019)


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Historically, a patron was a wealthy or influential supporter of an artist or writer. Today, rather than rely on a single wealthy patron, it is possible for an artist/writer to crowdsource that patronage. The platform Patreon allows content producers such as myself to interact with my significant supports. For as little as $1 per you can support my work here on Dirtbag Hiker and gain access to members only content. Rewards, i.e., locked content, is available based on the level of support you select. For example, while a $1 per month pledge unlocks most content, items like PDF versions of checklists are only available to those who pledge $5 or more per month.

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While the writing on Dirtbag Hiker is the primary focus, I am also a photographer and have made most of the images used on this blog available for purchase. Purchasing a print not only gives you a beautiful piece of art, but it also helps to support this website. In addition, there are more images available for purchase that are on the website, so it is worth a look as you may see something you like!

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